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Simply Farm Oceans Series Planters, SF-OC3530

In stock | Silver

OCEANS planters are the most elegantly designed planter in our "Short & Wide" collection and come with a premium matte finish. They are deep planters which can house short / bushy and tall plants. OCEANS planters pair well with OXYGENS series from our "Tall & Lean" collection to complete your choice of short and tall planters for your home or office.

  • Our planters come with a unique two-pot design with separate inner and an outer pot.
  • The outer pot will hold water that is taken up by the plant in the inner pot by capillary action.
  • Self-watering planter means you need to water the plant only once every 7 days!
  • No leaks or soil mess.
  • This design effectively prevents mosquitos and other insects from breeding.
  • Easy to clean the outer pot without disturbing your plant.

Note :- Ensure that the water level does not go above the 'Full' mark.

  • Planter's body is made of heat resistant ABS and high density anti UV PP material.
  • This means our planters are light weight , made of food grade material and will never fade in the sun.
Water Level Indicator
  • The water level indicator is marked from 'Refil' to indicate When the planter is empty and 'Full' to indicate when the planter is full of water.
  • Refil the planter once every 5-7 days depending the plant and it's location.
  • To refil the planter pour water through the hole next to the level indicator.
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