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Foody - Vertical Hydroponic System

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  • Easy & Convenient Planting: The removable net pots make planting and switching out plants extremely easy.
  • Our most productive tower: Grows 44 plants in just over 2 square feet of floor space. Provides the lowest cost per planting site compared to all other competing available hydroponic towers. 
  • Deep water technology: Innovative hydroponic system automatically circulates water and nutrients. No potting soil needed.
  • Grow all year: Ideal for growing indoors all year round. Harvest multiple times a year!
  • Stay off your knees: Tower stands 4 feet tall. Plant & harvest standing up.
  • Healthy & Safe: Made of a heavy-duty plastic that’s BPA free, which means no concerns about adding toxins to your organic plants. 
  • Algae Resistant: Anti-oxidant and UV reduction elements help reduce chances of algae formation.
This system encourages rapid plant growth by circulating water and nutrients from the base reservoir through the pods and the plant roots. Plant starts are placed directly in the small, removable net pots and their roots reach into the water below. The tower may be rotated for optimum light exposure. 
  • Each of the three growing pods have 12 planting pockets. The base has 8 growing pockets. 44 total.
  • Plants may be easily planted and removed using individual net pots (included).  (Not suitable for root crops such as beets, potatoes, carrots.)
NOTE: Hydroponic systems like this one require that plant nutrients be added to the water, and that salt levels and pH levels are monitored and managed.

Indoors: This tower system is best suited for indoor use, however if growing outdoors, use in climates where temperatures don't regularly exceed 85 F, or fluctuate wildly.

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