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VertiGrow is a fully-automated, self-watering vertical garden.

VertiGrow is the only self-watering vertical garden in the market which ensures maximum plant visibility (up to 95%) while concealing all the irrigation and automation.

Product features

Easy to create pattern on green wall Free control of plant distances on plant stands and grooming stands for easy combination of green wall patterns.
Step - 1
Pipes can be hidden in the back frame Hidden water pipes, the left and right sides of the main wall are provided with grooves to place water pipes, and the water pipes will be covered by plants.
PP materials, maximum loading of each level is 50kg Strong and durable, using PP material, back frame can support 50Kg, plant stand can support 5Kg
Sub irrigation system Plant rack with built-in sink for direct water supply at the bottom of the soil
Pipes can be hidden in the back frame Open a hole in the flower pot, and press the windproof buckle on the fixing boss on the frame to tightly fasten the flower pot on the frame; The windproof buckle bottom arch design can move the flowerpot laterally on the frame

Installation Steps

Step -1 Back frame has multiple level clip, each bracket's height is adjustable The back frame has multiple height fixing buckles, adjustable height position than each bracket.
Step - 2 With the special back frame, the height of green walls has no limit Feel free to extend the height and length of the plant wall using the back frame.
Step -3 Trapezoid sharp bracket can fit in corner position. Special ladder type modified frame to deal with corner position.
Step -4 To Start the vertical irrigation, just simply setup water source on the top level. It is only necessary to set the water level at the highest level to vertically irrigate plants on the main wall.