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Foody Tower Garden

Foody is the most elegant & clean solution to growing your own food at home. The Foody brings your gardens indoors or outdoors such as on to a balcony. It grows fresh herbs, greens, and vegetables no matter what season!

The Foody grows 44 plants in less than 4 sq.ft floor space. The tower rotates ensuring that every plant gets the most important ingredient - light. Pick the plants you would like to grow, fill the Foody with water and nutrients then watch you garden thrive! The Foody made of food-grade bpa free materials requires less than 10% of the water a traditional garden consumes. It also doesn’t need any harmful chemicals for pest or weed control. Most of the pests that appear in households can be controlled with organic methods such as neem oil spray.

Foody allows you to not only have a garden in your home, but also grow in a sustainable, earth friendly way.