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Simply Farm was created in 2016 with the goal of bringing plants indoors and closer to where people live and work. We are bringing products to achieve this in a simple yet elegant way.

Simply Farm is all about innovative products that are easy to use. Our products are elegant, contemporary and scientifically designed. All our products are self-watering and/or automated. Self watering means no leaks or mess ever! Automation helps you breathe easy with all daily activities taken care of.

All our products are made of durable, food grade materials. Our plants go through our rigorous quality testing and curation process before being released for sale.

We have a highly skilled team with strong backgrounds in horticulture, technology, and creating consumer products. All our products have been thoroughly evaluated and tested to meet the market needs.

Our team works closely with clients to understand their requirements and propose the most suitable solution - that simply works.

Experience the world of soilless cultivation at our flagship store @ Wilson Garden adjacent to Lalbagh, Bangalore.

Mission: Creating healthier lifestyle among urbanites by empowering them to be urban farmers and gardeners.

Vision:To be the leading urban farming company in India by combining cutting edge technology with best agricultural practices.

Our Story:How we got started. Growing up in the Garden City of Bangalore our love affair with plants and nature has been an integral part of our lives. In more recent times, however, we are seeing the green cover disappear, veggies being grown in unhealthy conditions, water shortage, and pollution levels peaking - we knew there must be a better way. Soon we discovered the simplest and easiest way of growing plants and veggies inside our homes. Breathing in clean air with our indoor gardens and harvesting fresh veggies just before cooking! If the key to happiness was this simple; surely we had to share it with the world. We are proud to have started India’s first 100% soilless cultivation store in Bangalore, next to the largest botanical garden Lalbagh.